David Jackson (Banjo)
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David Jackson (Banjo) - Eskdale, The Lake District, 2016

I attended with my company Rolls-Royce on January 14-18th 2019. I was unsure what I would achieve from attending as it was a company run course but I definitely achieved plenty. The set up of the whole place and course schedule is fantastic as well as the staff. We achieved loads that we would never have attempted ourselves so it was a great opportunity for everyone involved. I have to give a couple of special mentions. The first is for the catering staff as the food was aplenty and it was fantastic but the highest accolade has to go to Stevie Brock, our trainer and guide for the week. What a fantastic guy with a very laid back and great sense of humour without jeopardising his focus on safety. If all of the staff are like Stevie then I’m sure he Outward Bounds have a very positive future. Good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone involved in making our week an unforgettable one. Keep up the great work. David (Banjo) Jackson Rolls Royce Inchinnan Scotland