David Barnes
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David Barnes - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1962

Attended course from 15th May 1962 until 7th June 1962. This is a summary of my course which I have found in my Log book (can't remember a lot about it now!).
I attended the Ullswater centre and was in Hillary patrol. The activities were very varied and it would be impossible to give a typical day because there isn't one. There were 96 of us split up into 8 patrols of 12 each. The activities consisted of Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Short and Long distance running, Circuit training, Map Reading, First Aid, Mountain Rescue, Ropes Course, Volley Ball, Tug of War, Wall and Beam, Knots and finally expeditions. There were 4 expeditions during the course and the patrol instructor took us out for a strenuous climb up Helvelyn and a good long walk. The mileage covered on the first expedition was about 35 miles. The second expedition we went out on our own for one day. The third expedition was four day expedition consisting of 2 days walking and 2 days rock climbing. The fourth expedition was a 3 day expedition and the patrols were split into 3 groups of 4 boys each. This was the toughest expedition since we had about 60 miles to cover in the intense heat of the sun with 40lb packs on our backs. We made it back to the school on time although one of our members collapsed when we got back. The day at the school begins at 6.30am with the morning dip into the lake and then clear up in the dormitories.