David Ball
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David Ball - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1966

I was a Kent police cadet and we all had to go on an OB course at one of the centres.

I had a brilliant 4 weeks on U105 in January 1966 at Ullswater. I was elected patrol leader of Watkins patrol. Our instructor was Peter Booth who I remember with much respect, and the centre was run by Sqdrn Ldr Davies.

The weather was very cold and the run to the boathouse every morning, and the swim round it was a brisk start to every day. Great rock climbing and expeditions. Loved every moment and was lucky enough to be awarded the Warden's Badge which was the 13th to be given at Ullswater...huge pride for me and my family.

Last year I sent my grandson on a one week summer course at Ullswater and he thought that was tough but loved it. Now I'm nearing retirement I'll book another winter course at Ullswater.

One of the finest things, as well as scouting, that happened in my early years.

David Ball