David -
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David - - Aberdovey, Wales, 1981

I took an Outward Bound course 30 years ago; a path consciously taken to start grappling with the effects of 12 years of severe child abuse. As an adolescent, I wanted to die after a particularly brutal night, but consciously decided that "I will not give up".

Choosing not to give up is quite different from living a better life, though. As a young man at Aberdovey, I got the first clue that there could be a better life; and have managed, ever since, to persistently move forward to achieve the life of peaceability and forgiveness, encouraging others and faith in humanity that I have now.

It has been a challenging journey, fraught with difficulty. But now I live a life that others thought would be “impossible” to achieve. OB gave me the idea that taking on mind/heart/body challenges is the best way to grow, and I have done so, building a better life through outdoor adventure sports, community-building, community service, entrepreneuring, mentoring, and good works. Now, I am proud to champion OB founder Kurt Hahn's message that “true learning, involving heart, mind, and body (carries forward) in a way that will last a lifetime.” I got my first clue with OB, and carry forward the gift. OB offers true learning. It really does.