Dave Daintree
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Dave Daintree - Aberdovey, Wales, 1978

I was a 18 year apprentice with the London Electricity Board when as part of our training i attended the Outward Bound Centre at Aberdovey with i must admit a little dread and fear as i would be away from home for three weeks with people i had never met before.....well i can tell you it was the best three weeks anyone could imagine!!

I remember being picked up at the station in an old blue Bedford (ex Navy i think?) truck and being driven to the centre.

I was in Raleigh house/group and our instructor was a blond Aussie called Malcolm Owen who was great!!

I always remember the then head of the centre doing his rounds in the morning with his booming voice 'Morning Raleigh!!' I think this was after we had had our morning swim in that cold pool!!

All the activites were first class, canoeing, sailing mirror dingys and the big cutters!!

The hiking has stayed with me as has the love of the great outdoors!!

All in all a great three weeks and i recommended the Outwardr Bound courses to all the apprentices that came after me.

I keep promising i will go back to Aberdovey one day and one day i will!!