Darren Miller
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Darren Miller - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1996

I was fortunate enough to accompany disadvantaged school leavers from Inner City Manchester on 3 trips to Ullswater over a 3 year period ending in 1996. As Course Tutor for a Charitable organisation I witnessed the enlightenment on young faces and hearts brought about firstly by the experience of Outward Bound,secondly by the removal from Urban surroundings that they had never left prior to the trip and also the beauty of the Lake District. Combine that with the wonderful OB Tutors who looked after us. ( Fiona Wilkins beings the most memorable for us all ). Suffice to say, the first photo I have in my hallway is one of the Duke of Edinburgh chatting with the teenagers and myself on our second trip to Outward Bound. I can only guess, but some of my happiest memories are because of The Outward Bound and what it did for those young people... I am sure their memories are even greater. Darren Miller.07/10/2016.