damon hervey
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damon hervey - Aberdovey, Wales, 2001

My story is of hard time and fun time and of a course that made me a better person.when I arrived at the center and we got put into our group and head off to our shared room we sort our stuff out and choose our beds. We when for some team building and then for some food. When we woke in morning we didn't have a chance to wake before we when for a run and a dip in the cold water on the coast and it was very cold and that. Was a wake up call you never got use to it but it work.then it was off for food and the off for you kit and then of climbing,camping or hiking. The part of the course I remember the most was by a lake and the route that we took looked and felt impossible the path went up a almost cliff face but you didn't need any climbing kit to get up it I was tied and in pain,well we start making our way up and I was in so much pain and was struggling to get up I was cry and I carried on when I got to the top and my instructor said he never seen anyone be so determined to finish wot I started and he shook my hand I had so much pride for myself. When we done are last hike and camp over 3 day with out instructor which I put everything into I had blister on the bottom of both my feet,on the last day when we got close we all ran the last little bit into the center and all took of our packs and layed on the floor tied I went to bed the night knowing I done something I thought I could never do and I did do it I was so happy next day one by one we went to speak to our instructor and he told me I worked hard and he handed my outward bound pin and it made me feel so happy this is my story and I signed the outward bound book cuz I was happy with myself and how I did. thank you so much