Cyril Fell
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Cyril Fell - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1967

The course number that i was on was U137J still remember as though it was yesterday,full of anticipation a bit of fear of the unknown and meeting so many total strangers at the ripe old age of 14/15 years,never really been out the area where I was brought up. The course was March to April of that year and was very deep in snow,I remember doing the arctic roll on Lake Ullswater in the canoes or kyaks but first we had to break the ice,Brrrr.
Every morning after getting out of bed it was down to the court yard run around till "Whimper Patrol" was called up to go into the cold showers, no hot water.
One of the many highlights was the conquering of Helvellyn that involved 2 nights out in sub zero temps with frozen boots in the morning nearly crying because of the cold, but, it was all worth it to get up there and see that view,wow,been back to that mountain a few times since.
I remember when we were out on the same expedition we decided to make a snow hole and to use it for the night well after we had dug out the snow and got all the gear into the hole there we were all snug when a faint noise started coming our way I went outside to see what it was and there coming up the way was a snow blower, we managed to get everthing out in time the hole was cut right in half,wow,if we had not heard that we might have a serious accident.
The only name that I can remember of the lads that were there was Miles Robbins from down London or South.
I have been back to centre a couple of times and told them the course number and I was welcomed to go and look for the photo and its still there,brilliant memories brilliant times. Thanks to all,never forget.