Corin young
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Corin young - Aberdovey, Wales, 1969

My mother passed away 22 August 2014.
Going through boxes of paperwork I have come across a blue book with a metal pin and cloth badge attached to it, with outward bound Rhowniar on it.
A black and white photo of my mother with a mischievous smile arm in arm with a girl standing next to her.
On the first page 24 Feb 1969, she talks about how her journey here. And within the first evening Miss Fell comes into the room and tells them all off.
Tryfan Dormitory 1 consists of ; Rosaleen, Barbara, Anita, Cynthia, Gillian, Linda, Lorraine, Mary, Angela, Helen, Vanessa and my mother Margaret Young.
The first morning, mum describes how they all have to go and put their red coats and boots on to have a group photo.
There is a mention of a Miss Cordiner, Mr Binns, Mr Fawcett, Mr James, Miss Terry, Miss Kowalska, Miss Johnson, Miss Walker,
TryFan poem 3 march 1969.
I will tell you a story,
its not a yarn,
Its about 6 girls a quest and a barn,
The six of us started together,
with leather boots and some bad weather,
with whistles, compass and emergency packs,
We went of to Towyn with the rucksacks on our backs,
We walked down the road about 1 mile,
Facing the traffic in single file,
We nearly reached our destination,
But half way there we stopped at the station,
We drew some sketches hear and there,
All the time the weather was fair,
We stopped to do some bark rubbing's,
We bocked at our boots they needed dubbin,
It started to rain some one said,
Rosie then fell back on her head,
When she got up she broke her comb,
Rosie then said I wish I were home,
We found some shells,
We found some stones,
So then we started,
To find our way HOME,
by the tryfan 1969
15 March 1969 last entry of her activities, and she says how much she has learnt and enjoyed being here, and if she had the opportunity to go back, she would without fail.
Reading this book, my mother was clearly happy and enjoyed every moment here