Colin Walters
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Colin Walters - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

My story is submitted as an example for those that "fail" their Outward Bound course.
When I attended the course at Aberdovy I was what one would call "a bit of a weakling". Despite my real efforts I found the physical side of the course difficult.
At the end of the month I was presented with a diploma which concluded that I was "Not Management Material".
I was then an apprentice at Rootes - later to become Chrysler - then Peugeot UK.
I retired in 1994 as Director of Manufacturing of the Company reporting to the Manufacturing Director and responsible for all Industrial operations.
That was before the demise of the Company many years later.
I some times wonder how I would have advanced had I not been "Not Management Material".
So, my message is, no matter what conclusions are made at the end of your course, don't give up.
Colin A Walters