Colin McKay
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Colin McKay - Aberdovey, Wales, 1953

i attended the Outward Bound June /july 1953, I was aged 17years. Sponsored by my employer, shipping company Walter Runsiman and company Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne. I attended the Aberdovey Centre, Wales. Captain Fuller, was the Senior Officer. I was appointed Captain of Fisher Watch. Watch members- A Pollard, L. Scott, M. Jackson, W. Dickinson, H. Campbell, B. Huges, P. Clayton and J. McQuire. Our Watch Officer Mr. Waugh was second officer with the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company.
Upon returning home I wrote a log book of my experiences and sent it to;
The Duke of Edinburgh
The Right. Hon. Viscount Runciman
P. Denham Christie, Director Outward Bound
The Lord Rowallan
Capt. Fuller
Mr. L. D. Holt, Outward Bound Chairman
Wing Cdr. Blackadder, Runcimans.
Arthur E. Johnson, Consulate General
I still have the acknowledgement and congratulatory letters responding.
57 years later!!