Colin Hand
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Colin Hand - Aberdovey, Wales, 1951

My time at the Abordovey sea school holds many wonderful memories, because it was also the Festival of Britain month, when a host of activities were being held to celebrate the occasion.
During my time at the sea school, I would like to mention one particular incident that I will never forget.
We spent time at sea on the "Garibaldi". We set sail from Aberdovey, with a crew of 17 and with two days rations. But because of the bad conditions we were unable to return to Aberdovey, and had to turn about for Abersoch Bay. This back and forth went on for 5 days, which meant our rations were reduced to water and dried cornflakes. The captain asked for 8 volunteers to row into abersoch for more supplies which we did. On the sixth day the weather improved and we were able to return to Aberdovey. It was loveley to see the people line the jetty to cheers us in.
I enjoyed taking part in all the activities, and met some really intresting people. It was truly a wonderful adventure for a Middlesbrough boy of 18, and I would be intrested to hear from anyone who was on that particular course. My contact number is 01484 863369.