Colin Brown
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Colin Brown - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1967

I was 17 years of age, just passed my driving test and didn't want to be walking around the Lake District for 4 weeks in November. My course was U123 (I think). I remember Russ who was a police cadet and full of confidence. I wasn't. I was a follower, he was a leader. I remember the last excursion, a five day trip around Helvelyn. He said we are going over it, I said we are going around it as I didn't want to climb over it. He won and the group went over it. We were commended for doing that and I took the glory along with the others, thanks Russ. I did learn though that I could be a leader and whilst I didn't appreciiate it at the time, it was the best 4 weeks of my life, I learnt much about myself and will never forget it. I ended up enjoying 30 years as a police officer myself. Thank you Ullswater and Outward Bound.