Cliff Richards
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Cliff Richards - Ullswater, The Lake District, 2000

Well one of the reasons for writing this log ,is that i have lost my photos and log book though i can see the team members in my patrol Oates .the form master was Godfery ,who hated being disturbed in the morning ,i suspect in the summer light ,he rock climbed very difficult grades he was an expert and wore those fancy lite thin shoes ,whilst we had been told to buy boots with itishide commando soles no good for crevices and gave me some advice for two rock climbers if one should fall the other one given a chance should jump the other way especially on edges (striding ) the course was in june 1967 ,and unfortunately coincided with the stockport air crash and can remember sad words on parade that morning there was a lite side on parade. one morning the flag unfurled inside was a womans corset ,in the night some very nimble frolk had shimmied up the pole there where no guilty parties found (i suspect the jordies a tougth humorous bunch some soldiers )always talking of how they missed the tabs man (ciggys )i had jordy on the team" newk" couldn't wear him out we did scaffel pike on one patrol he just almost run through it .and they made me captain in spite of being from london ,but boy did support me .a couple of highlights the early morning dunk off the peir ,do you know what nearing the end of the course it was a joy to jump in ,the water seemed warm !! the other was doing it on your todd ,being dropped off with bivowac ,burner petrol and pack and very little else ,i woke up the next day ,above the cloud line what magnificent veiw will never forget that ?Godferey called the course the" morals of war" and that we would never ever be fitter
this whole month changed my perspective on people (especially after carrying one down on mountain a stretcher in atrociuos conditions ) and the world To serve to strive and not to yeild Would appreciate any body who knows the u number of the course or has a photo