Ceri Hurford-Jones
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Ceri Hurford-Jones - Aberdovey, Wales, 1973

Back in July 1973 I was fortunate to be offered a month long place on an Outward Bound Course in Aberdovey. As a 16 year old young man I was, as you can imagine, very apprehensive about the whole experience and a little daunted by the fact of spending 4 weeks with a group of folk I had never met before! I had some knowledge and experience of outdoor pursuits from my time completing various Scout, D of E and Ten Tors challenges but this was the first time I had been away from home for such a long period.

How was experience of Outward Bound?

Well having just revisited the school in 2023 I can tell you it brought back many happy memories....from Plod and Plunge to 'the wall', kayaking and sailing to wonderful camaraderie and overcoming some real challenges both internal and external!!

What did the instructors think of my younger self?

The team at Aberdovey actually went and found my 'report' from 1973 (thank you Naomi) so I can tell you that the instructors were very honest in what they saw.....and on reflection, pretty accurate!

What did I take away from my experience?

It truly was life changing.....it left me with knowledge of what I could and couldn't achieve both physically and mentally. It helped me to think more of other people, to consider their needs, and it really helped to empower me onto bigger and better things.

Thank you, The Outward Bound Trust, for helping to put me on a better path for the future......the values you enshrine really did help me 'To Serve, To Strive, and Not To Yield.