Carl Sanders
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Carl Sanders - Tywyn, Wales, 1970

Fond memories of this physical and mentally challenging course. Arriving from Army Apprentice College, Deepcut, Camberly after recommendation by the college, preparation saw a visit to the river Thames where we had to jump in...of course freezing cold and cause of hypoventilation. As a Jnr Company Sergeant Major at the time any challenge was relished.

The daily early morning runs to the sea and charging into the cold waters had us refreshed for the day, despite contact from an unfriendly rock that I had been thrown against, that caused much pain for the next few weeks. It was an eye opener and I was asked to stand back and let others lead for a change, such was the enthusiasm for the course. I was lucky to be naturally athletic so runs were not much of a challenge more of a fun run with no pain and time to encourage others who may have fallen short of expectation.

An two day exercise is recalled where we had to map read and camp overnight meeting at designated points on a map until eventually meeting in a pub car park, where the staff were. There was snow all around and we camped overnight in the coldness only to find that the tent had fallen down in the morning.

The rock climbing, abseiling and walking, the art of canoe rolling and survival were fabulous. There was a bit of trickery by the training staff who get someone to fall ill to test what we would do but it was not that convincing so we did not report it, went against us in the end. The staff were marvellous, it was an exciting time and we learned our limitations. I still have the Army Outward Bound Badge, the Bergen with picks on green background and red border. Highly recommended to anyone to discover themselves and their limitations. There are some photographs that are packed at the moment but will forward and post when they become available. All the best!