Brian Tungate
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Brian Tungate - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1968

I attended course U130 from 17th June 1968 to 13th July 1968.
1 was 17 years old, & the youngest one.
I remember the first night, when we were all asleep, we had fire drill, as we were on the first floor we had to open the window and climb down a rope, no time to get dressed properly.
The other thing I remember is, that every day we were at the school, every morning we had to run down to the lake remove our towel and jump in, the water came up to our waist but cold enough to wake you up.
But one night we had some heavy rain, so when we jumped into the lake the next morning the water came up to our necks, what a shock.
I still have my certificate,
Merit- Proficiency in Skills &
Merit- Pratical Application of Skills
which I am very proud of, I recommend an Outward Bound to any one.