Brenda Hirst nee Mannifield
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Brenda Hirst nee Mannifield - Bisham Abbey, 1956

I was chosen by my employer to attend the course at Bisham Abbey,I was 17 and had never been away from home alone.I had to find my way from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire to Bisham Abbey near Marlow in Buckinghamshire.It was an interesting month, we learned to sail and canoe.We went to help on a farm with the harvesting.We lived under canvas and walked for miles finding our way by map reading.We learned to ride a horse through Marlow town.We had to entertain some dignitaries and carry on a decent conversation.The whole experience gave me confidence and allowed me to face problems in my life.Notably when the course was over I returned to Scunthorpe to find my darling Father in hospital and he died without returning home again.I do not Know how I would have coped withput the experience of Outward Bound.In short a wonderful month of differing experiences follwed by a great deal of sadness