Bob Walters
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Bob Walters - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1965

I went to Eskdale Green as a young, quite naive 16 year old (Course E155, Sept 1965).
I found out that I was not quite as clued up as I thought. This course taught me the value of team work, not only in my Patrol (Wilson) but also as part of the bigger group. I learnt from my patrol leader, Dick Courgee, and his wife Sue, that if you apply yourself, you CAN do virtually anything but if you make excuses to yourself, you can always find a way out and blame someone else.
I achieved MERIT for all aspects of my course but not HONOURS. This made me more determined to do better in the future.
I think I did because I achieved the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 in the Army, and I now teach Maths and English to people with learning difficulties or with other issues.
The course that I attended at Eskdale Green not only taught me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to but also that I need to apply commonsense and be aware of the needs of others when I want to do anything.
What a course to build character, there is nowhere to hide. If you try to take short cuts, the activities and/or your peers WILL find you out.
What wonderful memories I still have as I write this, nearly 46 years on and heading for retirement.

Well done, Dick and Sue (God Bless), well done OBMS Eskdale Green and Thank You so much!

Bob Walters