Bob Cross
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Bob Cross - Devon on Ashburton, 1973

My own story is very different from most others here.
I was introduced to outdoor pursuits as a Boy Scout and by the age of sixteen, I was a keen Hill Walker and Caver.
I went on to join Caving and Mountaineering Clubs and have been active most of my life.
I actually assisted at Devon as a seconded Police Constable from Bradford City in January 1973.
I was never really a team player, either at school or in my working life and I felt more of a misfit at Holne Park.
I enjoyed my duties such as they were, that of driving the students, generally helping out with gear and joining in the activity.
One thing was a disappointment and that was a failure to overcome a fear of heights.
Even the Commando course in the trees on the river bank gave me nightmares.
Although I was a competent caver and by then, had descended places like Alum Pot and Pen y gent Pot on ladder and lifeline, I just could not handle Climbing at Dewerstone and I felt ashamed at my fears.
To this day, even after ascending places like Anoach Eagach, Crib Goch and Sgurr Alisdair, I still could not manage a V Diff climb without turning to jelly!
I have faced danger underground with rising floodwater, been utterly lost in the bowels of OFD and had my share of epics, but my fear of heights is totally unresolved.
On a lighter note, I remember getting the School's long wheel base Land Rover stuck on the farm track down to Ayrmer cove and having to be towed out by a huge FWD tractor.
I jumped into the lake in Pridhamsleigh cavern and swam to the far side, much to the amazement of everyone. Well, we were due to jump off Holne Bridge on the walk home!!
Then on an overnight, when we slept at the Ditsworthy Wareners Cottage, I got "arrested"� next morning by a squaddie, in full battle dress and frogmarched at gun point. We fell about laughing when I flashed my police warrant card and told him I was nicking him!!
I actually got told off by the warden for speeding in the grounds of Holne Park and singing bawdy caving club songs at the staff party!
I do remember the lovely heated outdoor pool and that fabulous recipe OB had for Flapjack!
I reckon the rugged grandeur of Dart Moor takes some beating. The Dart Valley is one of the loveliest in all the UK and in retrospect, I loved my time there.
Can I thank everyone for putting up with me.