Bill Stiling
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Bill Stiling - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1976

The course I attended was the last from the centre, it then moved to West Scotland

There were some notable instructors whose names I have forgotten

I was specifically for adults who worked with Children

I went on to work as a youth leader at a centre for over 20 years (membership 600 +)

The memorable moments were as I recall:

OB staff comments

1st night we slept in a Cave

" if you want to go to the pub feel free but the tide comes in @ 18:45 and if you are not in the cave by then you will be sleeping outside and it’s raining “ (pub opens @ 19:00)

Back at base

“alarm call @ 06:15 and breakfast is at 06:45 ,if you are not out of bed by 06:30 we will send one of the females to wake you up

What they did not say was this particular female was an Alsatian who not only barked loud but also bared her teeth at you...

Whist out on expedition we joined the RAF Air Sea Rescue teams to go and look for
a woman and baby who disappeared

Her car was found but no persons

I saw something in the papers a few years ago where they found the bodies apparently died from exposure

And finally on the last night we had a big party at the local Inn and drank it dry!

Locals, instructors and us all in attendance.....

Bill Stiling