Bill (DJ) Darby-Jones
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Bill (DJ) Darby-Jones - Aberdovey, Wales, 1964

I attended Ullswater in June 1964 because I was a Cadet with Somerset Police and we all had to attend OB. Although the course was hard I enjoyed it and learned a lot from others. My memories are that everyone was helpful, the morning dip was freezing despite it being June, it seemed to pour with rain that ran down the mountainsides and it snowed on mid-summer day. I chose climbing instead of canoeing because I had a fear of heights - the fear is still there but it I can usually control it - however, my wife had to help me down from the battlements at Carnarvon Castle and still wont let me forget it. I have, unfortunately, not kept in touch with others from my course and names escape me. One person did visit me at Weston-super-Mare in the late 60s but I can only remember that he was a Geordie. The positive effect I got from the course (although it may not have felt so when hiking in the cold and wet) has helped me through life and in difficult situations.
If anyone remembers me and can give me information about those on my course please get in touch at