Beryl Robinson (nee Waller
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Beryl Robinson (nee Waller - Rhowniar, Wales, 1968

In 1968 I was 14 years old and travelled to Wales by train which was a real adventure for me at the time. I absolutely loved the whole experience of being outside and joining in with the other girls. I remember abseiling down the cliffs at Barmouth, canoeing, orienteering, scaring each other with ghost stories in the barn. I feel so lucky that I was given the opportunity to visit. I was quite a star at my school at the time as I was the first person to ever attend from there.
Just a week or so ago I went to Liverpool to stay with a friend, Wendi, who I met at the Outward Bound School all those years ago. We kept in touch by letter, now email and have met probably 4 times in al those years. We had a good laugh reading her diary from the school and will do the same with mine when we meet up again. I would love to meet up with the others from that time.