Barry Endean
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Barry Endean - Aberdovey, Wales, 1964

I attended Aberdovey three days after Christmas in 1964 as a Police Cadet. I will always remember that train journey to Aberdovey. It was full of apprehensive young people, wandering what was in store for them. It reminds me of Harry Potter on the train returning to Hogwarts School!

When we walked through the gates, our feet did not touch the ground. For the next month it was all go, but I can honestly say I have never been so fit in my life. I had achieved a great deal, and it was a massive boost to my confidence. A real sense of achievement.

I returned to the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, where I served for the next 34 years. I think it was the Outward Bound Course that taught me to respect others and to treat everyone as equals.

Also, whilst in the Police Force I operated the ROSPA Cycling Proficiency Scheme in the Torridge area of North Devon, and trained well over 4,000 young people.

Outside of the Police Force I got involved in youth work and joined the Air Training Corps as an instructor in 1965. Forty-five years on I am still fully involved with this organisation and have run an A.T.C. unit in the village of Hartland in North Devon for the last 40 years. I have specialised in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and have been an instructor and assessor for the last 45 years.

Finally, I truly believe that the Outward Bound Course in 1964 gave me a sense of direction and boosted my confidence. As I say, I have never been so fit in my life, but it is not just the physical ability, it is also the other attributes, such as confidence, respect, and working as a team member, whilst developing qualities of leadership etc.

B W Endean

(Barry kindly posted us his story and we have published it on the Generations website with his permission.)