Anne Wilson
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Anne Wilson - Rhowniar, Wales, 1985

I grew up on a farm, so always outside, but my introduction to mountains was through the DOE Award.
I was awarded a 1 week scholarship to Rhowniar through my service and a Ramble scheme. This was my first taster of Multi-Activites, and I loved it. I remember standing on the High level ropes course, where I had to walk between 2 trees. It was only maybe an 8 foot gap, and I was on a leash, but it took a very patient instructor-ess 20 mins to talk me across. Her patience has always stayed with me, and since then, I have mainly worked in Outdoor Education, and travelled to many beautiful parts of our world trying to take in any action I could while there. I worked in various centres in Scotland and Ireland, and now I work at a school in Switzerland, with the main part of my job giving me the opportunity to provide the expedition section of the DOE to our students. I also spent 1 month with Outward Bound in Kenya, and climbed Kilimanjaro.
I think its an amazing organisation, with soo many personal stories to tell. This is a great idea .... Thankyou to all involved.