Ann Gates
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Ann Gates - Aberdovey, Wales, 1978

I was sponsored by Brixham's Inner Wheel to spend three weeks at Aberdovey in the summer of 1978 or '79. It was the first time I had camped outdoors in my life. The experiences were rich and varied and provided me with leadership skills that I have used throughout my life: map reading, knowledge of knots, hiking and team building. But really, I remember that it gave me my first opportunity of public speaking. As an international speaker and presenter now, I still marvel at the opportunity I had in recounting my experiences to the ladies of the Inner Wheel on my return to Devon. It paved the way for a lifetime of teaching and public speaking. This confidence enabled me to lead, as a young woman and pharmacist, in the NHS. Thank you to the team at Aberdovey and Brixham Inner Wheel!