Angela Lambert
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Angela Lambert - Other Outward Bound Centre, 1959

My OB course was at Capel Curig November / December 1959 .. I think! It was a month of frosty cold, rain and it snowed in the last week for our final three day expedition for which I was made leader. The weather was so bad we had to take shelter in stone sheep shed , we didn’t know it but a guide was keeping an eye on us .
I treasured my log book which was full of drawings maps and notes and the odd photo unfortunately it was lost in a family move. In it I recorded all the incredible challenging character building experiences which were to be the foundation of my exciting, fulfilling and outward looking life.
I am not sure who sponsored me but my head mistress would have put my name forward.
My life changing month began with the steam train from Lime Street station, Liverpool. Fifteen or twenty girls from all over the country also set out that day for an unforgettable adventure.
The team of leaders at Plasy Brenin , Capel Curig encouraged us through incredibly exciting life changing experiences.. some edgy which would be deemed irresponsible today ! Like a 2 bob bet that none of us gals would take a November plunge into freezing Lake Mymbyre…… in the dark. Well some of us did and were watched over … can’t remember getting the 2shillings though.
The weather was not ideal when we walked the Snowdon horseshoe, Moel Siabod ,Tryfan and Cnicht but it was gloriously unforgettable. So was pony trekking, rock climbing, canoeing the fierce mountain rivers. We learned map reading, survival and visited North Wales history. But my bete noir was a gut churning excruciating challenge… singing a solo carol in front of everyone… I nearly died !!
I really wish every 16 year old, from a modest background, could have this amazing opportunity . My grandchildren will know about the Outward Bound and will follow in their Grannies boot steps,