Andy Pedrick
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Andy Pedrick - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1978

In what was stated as the worst March in 40 years, I had a great time and a great experience despite almost constant rain and very snowy, rough conditions.

The challenges pushed you beyind normal boundaries. The need to work with people from different backgrounds, different points of view and different attituides was initially difficult but certainly made you aware of how to get the best out of a team.

Many of the challenges, including the initial team-working events, the stay out in the fells, the patrol competition over the assault course and the final expedition all made you aware of the need to work as a team, understand and work with people's different abilities,what makes peopl;e tick as well as not only taking input from the loudest team members!

It also highlighted the ability within people to achieve much more than many of them expect - a vital clue to managing and leading people.

Everyone should keep their mind open to possibilities and opportunities. Much success is based on attitude, communication and motivation, not only on academics and background. Take personal responsibility for your future, question things but always do things with integrity.

Some great books to help these things - Rich Dad,Poor Dad, Personality Plus, The Magic of Thing Big to name just 3. These will really help people to realise they can achieve more and lead people more effectively - things which are built into the Outward Bound experience.