Andrew Eales
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Andrew Eales - Loch Eil, Scottish Highlands, 1985

I went on a 21 day Outward Bound Course at Loch Eil in 1985 sponsored by Bells Scotch Whisky of Perth. As a 16 year old school boy we were offered a sponsorship, and grabbed the opportunity to attend. It was what seemed like a massive journey to the centre from our high School at Kinross. First we headed to Perth to the Bells Scotch Whisky headquarters where we met up with the other attendees. Then a quick visit to one of the distillery's (no whisky on offer as we all around 16 at the time) then it was up the A9 toward Inverness before turning for Fort William and the Outward Bound school at Loch Eil. What a fantastic 21days lay ahead of us... I met some fantastic people had the most amazing adventures and did things I never thought I was capable of doing. This experience set me up for the challenges of life and changed my whole view on life from 'could I' to 'when shall I'. I would love to hear from anyone else on my course. Recently we had a wee holiday up at Malliag and on the way back I drove up the drive at Loch Eil. Now approaching 50 it was unbelievable how it all came flooding back to me, like it was yesterday the last time I entered that wonderful building.