Amy Irvine
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Amy Irvine - Aberdovey, Wales, 2010

When I signed up for Outward Bound, I wasn't sure what to excpect. I didn't know anyone else there, an I wasn't very confident. Since we went with our school, I knew the teachers and I recognised some of the others. At the end of it, I knew everyone, and I had raised my confidence a little. Best of all, I enjoyed it completely and I got on well with everyone. I think I became a little closer to them when we had to climb that massive mountain and slide down those slippy parts on the other side. We had to sail a big boat and it was so scary bcause one of my friends had told me a story about how someone they knew had drowned. So yeah, I was scared, well, more liked totally petrified! But I tried it and it was so much fun and I esspecially enjoyed the speed boat ride(my first every ride!!!)! It was awesome because we slept in this log cabin, and we had to cook our own food and build our own shelters. Although it rained a lot (and I mean ALOT!) it was absolutely fantastic and I throughly enjoyed every second of it!!! Fingers crossed I save up enough so I can come again!!!! :)