Allan Gordon
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Allan Gordon - Aberdovey, Wales, 1967

August 1967 saw me going to Eskdale for a month. I never knew then what an impact Outward Bound would have on my life. I met a host of new people who I made friends with and who enjoyed the same experiences of being out of their 'comfort zone'. This has held me in good stead throughout my life.
I became a teacher of Physical Education and Outdoor Education and have introduced countless students to the joys of being outdoors in all weathers and times of year. I organised and ran a Summer Camp near Coniston for nearly twenty years for approx 60 pupils. These boys and girls from St Helens were aged 11-16 years. The confidence these students gained from working with others, solving problems through various activities has been a joy to watch. These days in my retirement, I still walk the fells as oft as I can. You never know, you may just pass me by on your journey.......