Alexander - R Himsley
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Alexander - R Himsley - Aberdovey, Wales, 1962

COURSE 217 - 24th February to 22nd March 1962
And so, after a very lengthy train journey from London (Euston), I arrived in Aberdovey. It was dark with very little light to see and make out at the time. The estuary was somewhere out there, and the entrance to the school was up a very sharp left turn up to the school.

I was aged 17-10 and assigned to Fisher Watch. As I write this account in the summer of 2021 some 59 years ago. Some of the events have dimmed, others are as clear as yesterday. The watch officer was D.J.H Jones.

What is my interest in writing this? Yesterday I met a past student who had also attended The Outward Bund Sea School, Aberdovey, and we tried to compare our recollections. See more - to follow