Alex McCallum
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Alex McCallum - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1973

I had joined the Army as a Junior Leader in the January. Being based at the time in Bovington was advised in the March I would be going “Outward Bound” to Ullswater. On the journey I managed to identify some other “bounders” as a Scot it almost felt like going home. The facilities at Ullswater house were pretty comfortable. Certainly more so than the military facilities at Renny and Lentley camp near Plymouth, where we indulged in Outward bound activities around Devon/Cornwall and Dartmoor.
My lasting impression was the instruction was relaxed but closely and subtly supervised.

Confidence was boosted in many activities. Climbing, navigation etc.
The group I was assigned to consisted of guys from a huge variety of backgrounds, military, police, industrial etc. The camaraderie engendered was impressive.

My fly in the ointment was fell running. However we must take the rough with the smooth.

I was not awarded my badge as I had smoked whilst on the course, but can claim that as I have not smoked for over 19 years I have fulfilled that requirement.

I remember the course with fondness albeit most of the names of my fellow “bounders” are long forgotten.