Alastair MacLean
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Alastair MacLean - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1965

while attending queen victoria school dunblane 1965 myself and another pupil gorden sheilds were chosen to go to burghead moray sea school with apprehension of we went .we found that is was not going to be a picnic when woken at 6.00am to be told we were going for a crosscountry run followed by a cold shower welcome to moray sea school.we were set many challenges during or time including 3 nights camping on cairngorm in February not for the meek and home comfort types. we all so had many training runs along the beach at burghead. i must say the staff there were great very fair and understanding to those who were struggling.on the whole i think doing this course taught me to work along with comrades and that team work will get you through also the believe that through hardship there is the satisfaction of knowing i have done that and survived