Alan Green
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Alan Green - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1962

I attended the months course at Eskdale in July 1962 when I 17 and a Police Cadet in the Salford City Police. I recently went back to see the school with my wife and the staff where kind enough to let me look at the class photo and the comments made on the course.
It brought back great memories. I remember hiking from Wast Water to Helvelyn when our team where not rock climbing, we returned latish in the evening and cooked up a dish of flaked potatoes, dehydrated onions and pilchards, it was delicious but don't ask me to eat it now!!
Memories of our daily early morning run round the Tarn and getting a soaking under the waterfall (I think it was the Whimsey Pool??)
I went on to leave the police after a couple of years and joined the Royal Navy where I went on to become an officer and served in the Falklands conflict.
I truly believe that the Eskdale course set me up for the trials and tribulations of life in general and I wish we could encourage more youngsters to attend this course. I was sad to hear they do not do the months course anymore.
Alan Green