The Skills for Life Award
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The Skills for Life Award

15 - 19 years
From £1,824.00

Life can be tough. Sit your exams, get your grades, go to uni, look perfect, check your phone... The list goes on. But we all know there's more to life than that.

Imagine a summer where you can leave the stress behind, knock boredom out the park, reach outside your comfort zone, explore your talents and make new friends along the way.

A summer where you're handed the cheat codes to life and given the experience boost you need to tackle real-world challenges head-on.

From rowing across lakes and camping in the wild to scrambling up waterfalls and hiking in the mountains, we'll take you on a journey that will show you what you're capable of.

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You determine your path

With help from your instructor, you and your new-found mates will plan three multi-day expeditions, decide which mountains to conquer, what route to take and where to pitch your camp.

For the days you're not hiking you'll have the opportunity to try more technical activities. Like rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, gorge scrambling, raft building, tree climbing, jacobs ladder and our infamous challenge wall.

By day nineteen, you'll feel ready to take on the world. Equipped with the skills, confidence and experience to do whatever you put your mind to.

Lake District


  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Self-confidence and self-belief
  • Self-management
  • Problem-solving
  • Resilience
  • Making the most of opportunities
  • Healthy eating
  • DofE Gold residential (optional)

The price, what's included and kit list

We're not interested in making money, just changing lives. So there's only one price and no hidden extras.

Reserve your place with a deposit of just £165 today.

You will get:

  • One instructor from start to finish
  • Full programme, crammed full of activities
  • All the kit to keep you safe, dry and warm
  • Accommodation and bedding
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • A free bus to the centre from one of our pickup points
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Badge, certificate and course report

You will need:

  • A sense of adventure
  • Clothes and footwear for each day
  • £10 deposit for any kit you borrow
  • A camera (for the memories)
  • Pocket money for souvenirs and a post-expedition ice cream (recommended)

Real life goals

When was the last time you jumped on a bus without knowing its destination? We're guessing never. So why do the same with life?

We all need goals, otherwise (surprise, surprise) we end up in places we don't want to be. Whether it's the courage to meet new people, confidence to explore new places or experience for your dream job - the Skills for Life Award has got you covered.

All so when you hop back on the bus of life you know exactly where you're going and which stop to get off at.


From NCS to Skills for Life

The Skills for Life Award meant more to me than just 19-days out of the house. It was more than 19-days of sport and far more than just spending time with a bunch of strangers.

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