25 Years of Learning

Celebrating 25 years of the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

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25 years of learning

The Outward Bound Trust is immensely proud to be running the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award for the 25th year in 2022-2023.

Since the first Award in 1998, over 3500 young people in Scotland have taken part. We want to reconnect with as many past participants as possible to tell the story of 25 years of learning, celebrate the longevity of outcomes for participants and the meaning the Award experience has had for you.

Calling all alumni

Have you taken part in the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award since 1998? We'd really like to hear from you!

Please use the form below to get in touch. Perhaps leave us a wee note to say how you are doing - or if you'd be happy to tell your story of the Award, how it's helped you in your life let us know! We know the Award can set people up for their lives to come, but there is nothing quite like a personal story to put it into perspective.


In the early days of the Award we connected in very different ways and have lost touch with a great many alumni. So if you've stumbled over this page or been directed via a friend, thank you for getting in touch.

You might also like to join our Facebook group and perhaps reconnect with others. We also hope you'll share some of our Award success stories, helping us to future proof it for the next 25 years.


The 25th cohort of students will finish their Award in April 2023. And just as you had your award ceremony, we plan on hosting something quite special to celebrate.

It would be great to have alumni from throughout the years at this event. We'd also love for some past participants to tell their story at the ceremony, helping make this something for every one to remember.

Get in touch

We'd really appreciate it if you'd reach out to us via the contact page, and get in touch, and if you have a story we'd love to hear it - you might even get an invite to one of the celebration events planned in 2022/23.