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Naturally, we think getting out, having fun with your friends and family, and discovering new things is good for you.

And what's more, getting outside has added benefits for our wellbeing too.

So, as part of our #gowildforwellbeing campaign, we asked you to share your favourite weekend adventures.

We've been bowled over by all your amazing entries. These were packed full of great ideas on how we can all make the most of spending our weekend outside.

Here are your ideas!

Thank you to everyone who entered. Take a look below to see our winner and see if your photo features in our favourite outdoor weekend gallery.

One of our instructors, Joe Doherty, judged the competition and choose Charlotte's entry as the winner because:

“To me, adventure is doing something that is challenging, something that tests you and something you are unsure of what the outcome will be. Getting up early on a miserable day and battling against the elements to do what you truly love - and still not know that you might 'pop up' or not - is really adventurous to me! Not only this but it takes a lot of resilience, passion and drive to get out on the days that are horrible so I think this person truly deserves to be the winner.”

We hope you enjoy your prize - a 2020 Summer Adventure at one of our centres in Snowdonia, the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands. Have fun!

Our favourite weekend adventures

"Sometimes, you've just got to escape for it all... Chuck a picnic in the car and go... Find a place where you are away from it all...in a world of gadgets, really appreciate what the outdoors is all about, and ensure that every generation gets to experience gadget-free time... Spend time together... Families brought together by nature... Our Family Tree!"

Our favourite weekend adventures

"I love playing rugby with my team, come rain or shine we work together to improve each week. Win or lose I always do it with a laugh and a smile as playing together is what I love."

Our favourite weekend adventures

"My son and I love our slow Sunday’s ditch leaping, puddle jumping & mud hopping in the wild plains of Suffolk. It’s our time to disconnect with ‘things’ and reconnect with each other. These are moments that I will treasure."

Our favourite weekend adventures

"After watching a documentary on Welsh bothies one night over a cup of tea, my daughter told me she wanted to go and see them so the next half term I arranged for us to tackle some British mountains. It was a testing day for her, but she found it rewarding. As you can see, the weather was immaculate, and she managed a few scrambles. It was a real moment of personal growth for Beatrice."

Our favourite weekend adventures

"Rainbow flying high" - me and my Mum running in the St Barnabas 5K Colour Dash to raise money for charity. We helped to raise more than £100,000 for the Hospice to help those less fortunate then ourselves. It was great fun, we started off in white T-shirts but by the time we crossed the finish line we were covered from head to toe in all the colours of the rainbow. I enjoyed it because it was so much fun whilst raising money to help others who need it most."

Our favourite weekend adventures

"I love discovering new places in nature. I also love dancing. On last weekend's walking adventure along the canals in Marple with my family, we stopped by the Marple Aqueduct (highest in England, built 1799) and I was mesmerised by its perfectly symmetrical geometric shape. I felt inspired by it and wanted to reflect this symmetry in my body - the result is the picture that you see."

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