Recruitment tools

Here are some other ideas that we've been told can help with recruitment:

  • Get previous course participants in your school to give a presentation
  • Get them to join our Facebook group so that they can see photos from other participants and their feedback –
  • Ask your regional education account executive to come into the school and give a presentation to your pupils
  • Print out the 'Young Person's FAQs' that should helpfully clear up any concerns.

Below are a number of videos that you can use to show your young people what an Outward Bound course is like and its impact. Why not start with our latest video, which really gives a flavour of a course and the environments we operate in.

Coming on an Outward Bound course? Want to show your young people what they might experience? Show them this exciting short video.

Do your young people have lots of questions about the centre; what's their room like, what's the food like, what is there to do, etc. This short video displaying centre life can help!

Olympic gold medalist boxer Luke Campbell and 'Dancing on Ice' contestant, highlights the benefits to pupils, as to why they should go on an Outward Bound course!

Let your pupils see first-hand what kind of activities they will be doing, what they'll get out of an Outward Bound course and most importantly, how much fun it is!

Why not show them our preperation video which shows two past particpants, Jed and Charlotte, telling us what they get out of the course, what they will need to bring and what it will be like.