Why we need your support

If we want to ensure young people are to succeed in education or employment, be fulfilled within their families or become active contributors to their communities, then they need to develop certain attributes. Chief amongst these are self belief, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, a willingness to accept responsibility, the ability to plan and set goals and the capacity to build positive relationships with those around them.

We believe that all young people, whatever their circumstances, background or level of aspiration, need to learn to nurture these life-enhancing qualities.

You can help us achieve this, we need your support in order to:

1. Ensure financial disadvantage is not a barrier for young people

We need to raise £3m of bursary annually to enable disadvantaged young people to have the life changing opportunity of a Outward Bound programme. 73% of all young people attending our courses would not be able to without this support from donors.


2. Raise funds to invest and improve our Loch Eil centre

We need to raise £2m to redevelop our Loch Eil centre in Scotland. This will completely renovate our stores and the experience young people undergo, with better kept kit, a more organised experience and more time on the hill and less time going through the 'system' of getting 120 young people kitted out and kitted in.


3. Reach an additional 7000 young people every year

We want to reach more young people. In order to do that we need to grow and find a new centre. We are in the middle of this search at the moment. This new centre will enable 7,000 more young people a year to discover that there more is in them than they ever thought possible.

We need the support of our donors to buy, build, equip and staff this new centre and then bursaries for the additional young people who attend. The costs of this will be between £5 and £10 million pounds.

Support us

There are many ways you can support us either as a corporate supporter, individual donor or taking part in our fundraising events. 

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