Trusts and Foundations

Over 80 trusts and foundations annually, of all sizes and interests, support our work with young people.  Grants from these trusts and foundations enable over 1,900 young people a year, from underprivileged backgrounds and from across the UK, to benefit from an Outward Bound course.

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These young people, aged 9-24, leave our courses with improved confidence and resilience, which for many, translates to greater engagement with, and success in learning.  When it comes to points of transition in their lives, our courses leave young people better prepared to achieve their goals and enable them to develop the independence and ability to flourish in new environments.

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Watch Harriet explain how much she gained from her Outward Bound experience.

In the academic year 2017, over 25,000 young people completed an Outward Bound course, over two thirds of whom would not have been able to without the financial support of our donors.

Aside from the £3m 'bursary' funds required annually to support Outward Bound courses for underprivileged young people, we also seek funds to support a major refurbishment of facilities at our Loch Eil centre which will ensure we can continue to deliver high quality courses there, and to support our plans to reach more young people through the acquisition of an additional residential centre.

When you support us, you enable young people to benefit from our programmes, regardless of their circumstances.

Make a grant to us: contribute to our general bursary fund, which enables socially and economically underprivileged young people to benefit from one of our programmes.

Provide project funding: support the refurbishment of our Loch Eil centre or the acquisition of an additional residential centre.

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