Course Report

At the end of each course Outward Bound instructors, who have got to know and work with the group over the three weeks, write reports on each participant's performance during the course.

Here are some extracts from this summer's reports:

"Shannon has excellent communication skills and was able to listen to other members of the group and offer guidance and support. The rest of the group recognised this and felt comfortable around her, she was a key member of the group. She now has a better understanding of her own capabilities and knows that if she approaches opportunities with a positive mind set then she can achieve the best."
"Daniel was one of the most enthusiastically committed that I have seen in more than ten years at Outward Bound, making the most of every opportunity that the course had to offer. When given the opportunity to lead the group he communicated his ideas effectively as well as listening to others. As time went on it was good to see him honing the skill of actively listening and assimilating information from his peers."