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The Mountain Club is a vital group working with Outward Bound to bring disadvantaged young people to new heights through life-changing outdoor courses. Though it’s an uphill struggle to improve lives, teamwork is an integral part of the challenge, and we simply could not reach 25,000+ young people each year without the Mountain Club.

Ryan's Story


Whether joining us at Base Camp with an annual pledge of £1,000 right through to Summiting the Mountain with a pledge of £25,000 per year, your donation goes directly towards funding our bursary scheme – the main way in which young people like Ryan benefit from the work we do.

In The Mountain Club you are part of our team and will be connected to the day-to-day work of Outward Bound with ample opportunities to get involved. We also pride ourselves in creating an exciting and unique calendar of unforgettable social events. Please take a look below for more information on the need for the Mountain Club, as well as the benefits and special events that come with membership.

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