Summer Adventures Code of Conduct
Code of conduct

By going Outward Bound you’ll be joining a close-knit community of new friends from lots of different backgrounds and places. Like in any community, rules and responsibilities apply. If these rules are broken we have a responsibility to follow our processes to keep people safe and happy. In some circumstances this can result in you being sent home.


1. Do not leave the centre without your instructor

2. Do not consume alcohol or any illegal drugs

3. Do not damage Outward Bound’s or others property

4. Do not intimidate or bully others

5. Do not use Outward Bound equipment or swim in the lake, loch or sea without supervision

6. No trespassing in surrounding fields

7. All ball games should be played away from the centre's lawn and windows

8. Smoking will not be allowed when you are doing activities (including while on expedition) and never indoors. However, you will be allowed to smoke in certain places at certain times. There is nowhere to buy cigarettes so if you must smoke you need to take your own supply.

9. Do not go into other people’s dormitories

10. Your instructor may restrict screen time during parts of your course, so please respect this. While mobile phones are allowed at our centres, the reception is poor and charging is unavailable whilst on expedition. There are also payphones and limited Wifi at our centres.

11. All normal laws of the land apply


1. Treat others as equals and how you would expect to be treated yourself

2. Listen to other people’s views, suggestions and opinions

3. Do not dismiss other people’s views and opinions if they disagree with yours

4. Be understanding when others make mistakes

5. Respect other people’s rights and actions


If after reading all this you feel that an Outward Bound course is not what you want to do then please get in touch and let us know as early as possible.