COVID-19: a crisis of a generation

Covid-19: a crisis of a generation

Life is limited right now. But the future for young people in Scotland shouldn't be. You can change this.

COVID-19 has touched every part of our lives. But for many young people, the stark reality is, that without your help, they may never shake these 12 months off and realise what they are capable of.

You can help them defy their limitations.

Here's the situation...

We're not here to fill you with facts. The challenges facing our young people are well publicised (we follow Scottish Government and Youth Link Scotland for news and updates). But wherever you look, the data, analysis and reports consistently show that COVID-19 is exacerbating the problems facing young people in Scotland:

  • 1 in 4 young people live in poverty
  • 4 in 5 don't get enough daily exercise
  • 5 in 10 feel stressed or anxious
  • There's an overwhelming rise in health and wellbeing concerns
  • And an increasing attainment gap, especially for vulnerable children
And a solution...

Be under no illusion. Young people who don't get help will suffer. And not just in the short term. Without support to move on from this pandemic, the implications will be carried throughout their lives. You can protect, nurture and build a positive future for young Scots. Together we can:

  • Support young people in their local community
  • With no barriers to participation
  • Building vital life skills and mental wellbeing
  • And getting them active and connecting with nature
  • All by providing learning and adventure opportunities that can't be replicated in the classroom or at home
You can support young scots

You can help young people to defy their limitations and realise they're capable of more. Donate today and your gift will mean disadvantaged children in Scotland can attend a life-changing Outward Bound programme in 2021.

A gift of £5,000 would enable an entire classroom of 30 pupils to take part in a life-changing Outward Bound residential at Loch Eil this year - or an instructor travel to a Scottish school to deliver a week of In-School Adventures.

You can show them what's possible

How your business can help

Your business can directly help young people recover, reconnect and rebuild after COVID-19. We'll work with you to make sure our partnership is mutually beneficial, connecting with your CSR strategy, building sustainable relationships in your local community and showcasing you as an aspirational employer.

Most importantly you'll be giving disadvantaged young people a gift for life. Increasing their self-belief, resilience and ability to trust in others.

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There’s so much in the press about the effects of the pandemic on young people, but here’s Arianna's story about what got her through. We'll give you a clue... it wasn't anything online!

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Since August 2020, despite restrictions, we've worked with over 14000 young people across the UK. Because we couldn't run our usual residential programmes, we adapted. We wanted to know how beneficial these new programmes were to young people. We'll be honest, we didn't know the answer. But the news was good.

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