Volkswagen Group UK Ltd

We’ve worked with Volkswagen Group for ten years to help develop their franchise networks apprentices. Whilst the company is able to develop the apprentices’ technical skills through internal training, we work with them to help develop their key skills, such as teamwork, planning and communication, and in particular to develop customer-focused behaviours.

Apprentice has returned from this Outward Bound week a more confident person. I am both delighted and a little amazed that such a change can occur in one week.

In 2013, 250 apprentices took part in a five-day programme during the second year of their three-year apprenticeship. An internal evaluation of the programme, conducted by Volkswagen Group’s Learning and Development Team, shows that the programme has a positive effect on the apprentices’ skills in a number of areas, including communication, confidence, emotional maturity, planning and teamwork.

Between one and three months after the programme, line managers were asked to rate any changes they had observed in their apprentices’ skills and behaviours at work. Changes in skills were reported from partially through to wholly improved.

Key highlights from the evaluation included

  • 94% of line managers reported improved communication to staff and 87% reported improved communication to customers 
  • 94% of line managers reported improved confidence and emotional maturity
  • 96% of line managers reported improved planning and preparation.