Akim's Story

Akim is a pupil from George Green’s School, located in a deprived area in East London. He has complex needs – he has autism, a very short attention span, and often talks over people. He torments his peers and finds it difficult to interact with others. The purpose of the course for Akim was to develop his social skills.

During the course Akim had many incidents with others in his group, and was often given time out to
calm down. On the final day of the course, he began to understand what he was doing wrong and was able to tell the Outward Bound staff and teaching staff what he needed to do to apologise and avoid making the same mistake again.

Since returning to school, his teachers and his Head of Year have seen a significant improvement in him. When in a conflict situation, he now takes time out to calm himself down and reflect on the situation. He has become more mature and is more approachable, which has enabled him to develop a small friendship group. He is also showing signs of improvement within school. The school’s internal behaviour monitoring system shows he is taking part in more activities within the school and is achieving more positive merits than negative incidents.

Case example provided three months after Akim’s Outward Bound course by Amanda Hughes, Teacher at George Green’s School, East London.

Akim, 13

All case studies and quotes included on this site have been provided directly by individuals involved in our courses. All individual young people’s names have been changed in order to protect their identity.