Donor updates 2020

Supporter Update

Update calls: November 2020

At the beginning of November 2020 we invited a number of our closest supporters to join a call hosted by our Chief Executive, Nick Barrett. It was a chance to hear about our current reality and ask questions to both members of our senior management team and our instructors. We recorded the two calls to allow people to view if they couldn't attend, or listen again.


This report covers the months of August-December 2020. It details the way that we helped young people as the nation adapted to the challenges of COVID-19.

Sea, Glen and Fell

This song was written by Sarah, a senior instructor at Ullswater. She wrote it especially to say goodbye to those long standing employees of Outward Bound who selflessly took voluntary redundancy earlier this year. It's a personal insight into the strength of the relationships our team have to Outward Bound and each other. We hope you'll enjoy it.