Ullswater Development

Ullswater DevelopmentpgWork has started and the diggers are in!

There has been much excitement at our Ullswater centre recently, as work begins on our new £3 million redevelopment project. The revamp includes a purpose-built accommodation block, workshop, stores and boat house.

Estimated to take around 70 weeks to complete, visitors may also spot a few changes within the main house.  We'll be creating a brand new reception area and sprucing up the dormitories, to make best use of space and aid the smooth operation of the centre.

As well as new buildings, the grounds will also see a face lift with 10 new super-eco timber-framed review rooms, nestled within the woods.  The grounds will also become an eco area, with many new trees being planted, invasive species removed and local wildlife encouraged.

We'll also be installing a biomass boiler, that aims to reduce the centre's carbon footprint by at least 45%.

Why are we making these changes?

As the centre is currently running at maximum capacity, the new development will make our facilities much more efficient.  Ergonomically designed, our upgrades will make a greater impact to the young people visiting the centre.

Head of Centre, Martin Cooper commented, "It's fantastic that we've started on the new development, which young people will be able to enjoy for many years to come."

"The aim is to increase the learning and impact of our courses.  From the moment participants step onto centre grounds and see their accommodation, to accessing modern, well-equipped stores to aid quick preparation for their adventures.  Our review rooms will also be dotted around the tree line, behind the glade, and will be perfectly suited for group discussions and learning.  Participants will encounter all of these positive stepping stones before heading out into the wild environment and experiencing the unique learning atmosphere our instructors create with their groups."

What will visitors see?

If you’re heading to Ullswater in the next few weeks, you will be able to see part of the centre grounds safely fenced off, as the initial groundwork begins with the laying of the foundations and drainage.

Throughout the development, the centre will remain fully operational, with minimum impact to participants and visitors alike.

We'll keep you posted on our progress.