Talent counts, but effort counts twice.


Meet Ryan. Teachers thought he was lazy. He felt isolated from his friends and family, spending hours glued to his phone. Like so many young people, he just couldn't see he was able to achieve far more.

Ryan came on his Outward Bound course with his school. During his course he saw that he could work hard, get up when he was knocked back, try and try again and show people that he was more than they might expect.

Now he can see how important it is to put effort into his time at school and it's paying off. And that he's more than just his latest post on Instagram. He has the confidence to get out and do things and be a role model to his brothers.

Our research shows us that this is true for many young people we work with. From a teachers perspective 95% reported that their pupils were more aware of their strengths after their course. And 94% reported that their pupils were more likely to attempt things they believed were difficult. 76% of young people report improvements in their own confidence and 91% score higher in their confidence to interact with others.

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